VOID 1680 AM

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Speak into the Void.

Night after night, you sit alone with your thoughts, your music, and a microphone. Whether you come to your radio show with somber attitude or joyful spirit, you use the music that moves you to etch something fleeting and beautiful into the big empty.

You never know who is listening.

VOID 1680 AM is a 28 page zine written by Ken Lowery, with cover art by Jordan Witt and custom radio diagrams by Dylan Todd. VOID 1680 AM by Ken Lowery is licensed under the Creative Comrades License Agreement 1.0. There are other voices in the darkness. With a deck of cards, a six-sided die and a stack of music, you will build a playlist, invent and interact with Callers to your show, and evolve their stories over as many broadcasts as you like. No matter their motivations, they simply must be heard. In that way, you are very alike. VOID 1680 AM includes rules for single-session and ongoing play, instructions to have your show broadcast on the airwaves as an Affiliate, and even a way to add your voice to a library of Callers that other DJs can use in their own games.

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