Glitter Hearts

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Most people feel that the world is drab—a place of mundane rules where things work according to the physical laws of known nature. They believe that we are alone in the universe and that stories of magic, fairies, and worlds beyond our own are just fables told to keep people in line or teach some outdated lesson.

They are wrong.

Because you now know better. You have been chosen to become a protector of this world. A strange creature revealed that the threats you’ve had nightmares about are real. There’s a witch down the street that is stealing children, there are goblins in the sewers, and there are pirates with a base on the moon. Imbued with magical powers, you are able to transform into something powerful, a super hero of epic proportions that can stem the tide of evil. You will stand side by side with your friends and bring justice to this world.

Provided you can pass your math test on Monday…

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