Pasion de las Pasiones

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The music swells as Elena enters the church, her silver dress dancing around her heels. The camera zooms to her face as she catches sight of Domingo, el amor de su vida, the man she will marry in secret tonight. Elena’s eyes light with joy and she starts forward—gliding, then running—a joyful laugh escaping her lips. She catches her beloved’s shoulder...but he turns to reveal that he is her beloved’s evil twin, Juan Carlos!

Pasión de las Pasiones is a tabletop roleplaying game that guides you and your friends to craft and bring to life your very own telenovelas, complete with heroes, villains, love, war, secrets, and revelations! No matter whether you’re playing a heroic Empleada struggling to connect with her true love, or a dastardly Jefe trying to quash that burgeoning romance, you’re guaranteed a thrilling story!

Inside this book you will find:
• 6 unique playbooks, each allowing you to play a vital and exciting telenovela archetype
• 2 pre-made playsets chock full of tense and interesting situations to get you playing fast, along with rules to create playsets of your own
• Explanation and guidance on telenovela-style storytelling, including ways for the audience to directly affect the game
• Rules for everything from cheating certain death to retconning the past for dramatic reveals

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