Fish n Flip

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Fish 'n' Flips is a game about maritime animals caught in fishing nets as bycatch. Players can compete or cooperate in freeing as many as possible of them. The animals are laid out in rows and columns. On a turn, a player can play one of their two action cards. These cards can exchange positions or flip a card so the animal looks the opposite way. When several of the same animals are looking in the same direction, they will escape from the net, while any animals on top of them will slide down (tetris-style), which may lead to other groups of animals being able to escape. After each turn, another animal is added at the top of each column. When a column is seven cards high, all players lose. When all animal cards have been played, players can compare how many animals were left in the net (cooperative mode) or how many they freed (competitive mode).

The game has a campaign in which difficulty rises in each level. For one, each animal has a special ability. These make the game easier but also more complex. On the other hand, more animals are added, which makes it harder to form groups. Also, garbage cards come into play. These can disrupt groups or stop animals from using their special abilities.

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