Badger + Coyote 2e

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Badger + Coyote and their Daring Adventures is a cozy, asymmetrical, two-player TTRPG which contains:
  • Beginner-friendly rules to get into mischievous fun
  • 42 total adventure hooks
  • Tips on how to play as a badger or coyote character
  • How to play GMless, two player games
  • Two play styles (Discover and Share)
  • 8 Story Twists to choose from to surprise your friend 
  • Based on biologist's research on how this lovable duo interact with the other in the wild
Before play, you'll select your character, pick or imagine your adventure, and set your day's goals. 

During play, players take turns narrating the scene, acting on behalf of their character, and working towards their goals while each action fills Badger and Coyote's day with mischief and miscommunication mayhem!
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