Arkham Horror Investigator Deck Tome

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Finally! Gamegenic presents the first officially licensed premium deck box designed specifically for the needs of Arkham Horror: The Card Game™ players. The exclusive Arkham Horror Investigator Deck Tome is perfectly sized to hold a full investigator deck, even if the cards are single-sleeved.* Without opening the box, you can identify your investigator deck through the cut-outs that display the deck’s portrait, class, name, and trait. Every box includes a card divider in matching color. The Arkham Horror Investigator Deck Tome comes in 6 different colors, one color for each investigator class (Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, Mystic, Survivor) as well as Neutral. It also fits perfectly into the Dungeon 1100+, Dungeon S 550+, and Games’ Lair 600+. We can proudly say that this is the perfect and long-awaited product for Arkham Horror: The Card Game™ fans!

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