(Special Order) Orleans: Trade & Intrigue Expansion

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The invasion has been thwarted successfully; it is time to rise to prosperity again with spirited trade. Everybody has different interests, though, plotting intrigues to eliminate the competition. .

Orders - This expansion stimulates trade by introducing Orders that allow you to grow your fortune, thereby presenting a new strategy in which you try to deliver goods to certain towns faster than the other players.

New Beneficial Deeds - The new Beneficial Deeds board provides a lot of options. You can now get essential goods, places, Technology tiles, and even actions if you provide the appropriate followers.

Intrigue - Similar to the Beneficial Deeds board, the new Intrigue board allows you to send your followers there to hire various nefarious characters that will thwart your opponents' plans.

New Events - Trade, progress, as well as everyday life in Orléans are influenced by new events. The uncertainty of if and when the evets occur gives the game a new kick.

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