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You are a wealthy mogul trying to influence the next presidential election for your own gain. Win by being the first to secure a solid block of voters of either party. You decide how corrupt to be.

Every player is dealt seven cards and can place three voter cards face up in front of them (creating a voter map) each turn. Depending on how many players, you'll need at least three voters in three regions, all of the same political affiliation, on your map to win (undecided voters are wild).

Peppered in the deck are RAT cards, which give you strong advantages. However, every time you play a RAT card, you must also draw a Scandal card, which contains a punishment. This punishment is not enacted immediately — rather, it sits face down in front of you until someone plays a DIG card on you. The DIG card will force you to turn over a scandal and abide by the punishment. Do you risk a scandal, or do you play it safe? The choice is yours in this dirty game of American elections.

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