Friday Night Magic - Draft League - Murders at Karlov Manor

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Friday Night Magic - Booster Draft

Each week we draft the most recent set at 6:00pm, with a twist.

For the first 8 weeks after the set release, all drafts are part of our booster draft league.

The draft still has our normal prize structure of pack per win as well as promo pack raffles, but you also earn league points each time you play.  League prize structure listed below.

Draft Entry - 2 Points
0-3 Record - 0 Points
1-2 Record - 1 Points
2-1 Record - 3 Points
3-0 Record - 6 Points

3-0 Record also gets you free entry into the final Store Championship event.  A draft for the top 8 league finishers with a booster box of the next set as the top prize.

Store Championship promos will be used as overall league prizes.

In the event of a season tie, the First Place promo will be added to the Store Championship draft as an additional prize.

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